Camera Inspections

Sewer Camera Inspections in Montebello, CA

Cutting-Edge Technology for Non-Invasive Diagnoses

When something is going wrong with your plumbing or sewer system, it is fair to want a detailed account of the problem and a clear idea of what the technician intends to do to fix it. Rather than making guesses or ruining your landscaping in our search for the answer, our team at Rooter & Plumbing Masters has a much simpler solution.

With our Montebello video sewer camera inspections, we are able to accurately identify what the problems are, where they are, and use that information to offer the best solution for your unique situation. Our certified specialists use the most modern camera equipment to view your drains and then provide the most accurate detail of your plumbing issues.

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A Modern Approach to Plumbing

Experience is an important factor in investigating and understanding common plumbing issues. However, there are certain kinds of sewer and drain issues that you can’t merely guess at. There may be problems that can go unnoticed, which will ultimately lead to more extensive repairs and wasted resources. At Rooter & Plumbing Masters, we believe in modern approaches that enhance our inspection abilities.

For example, we offer an electronic leak detecting service that allows us to check for water leaks that our specialists might otherwise miss. With a camera inspection, we’re able to provide you with video evidence of what needs to be fixed. We can then walk you through why the problem exists and what we will do to put things right.

Camera Inspections for Precision & Accuracy

There are a few awesome qualities to video camera inspection and why it’s a necessary tool for our top quality company.

Camera inspections offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • The equipment goes places that our specialists can’t reach: The human eye can only see so much. There are also some areas of your sewer and drain system that it’s just impossible for our technicians to reach. But our camera equipment can reach into places and show footage that clearly lays out the exact nature of your plumbing troubles.

  • It makes the diagnosis process easier: When you’re telling a story, they say you should show more than you tell. The same goes for explaining the repair process to you, the homeowner. Being able to show exactly what’s wrong helps you understand exactly what services you need and should expect.

  • It helps our professionals offer a complete repair experience: When there’s video footage that can get examined and reexamined to fully understand the problem, it makes it easier for our specialists to complete the task and not leave any repair needs behind.

Camera inspections are both a must-have approach to drain and sewer repair and a sign of the modern shift in the industry. Rooter & Plumbing Masters is an award-winning company that’s proud to offer these services to you. It continues a decade-old tradition of offering excellent service to our community.

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